How To Clean Your Water Bottles And Hydration Reservoirs

Clean Ethics Bottle Bright

Vermont based Clean Ethics set out to change the way you sanitize your hard to clean drinking vessels by creating Bottle Bright, a uniquely formulated non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner option. Recognizing that dirty water containers are a much bigger problem beyond the outdoor set, Clean Ethics donates an equal amount of Bottle Bright for every one of your purchases to people in developing nations. 

Bottle Bright can be used to clean virtually all of your outdoor drinking vessels such as water bottles, hydration reservoirs, travel coffee mugs, and thermoses. Made from a biodegradable and non-toxic formula of sodium carbonate peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid, cellulose, and surfactants, Bottle Bright bubbles away all the grime and helps break down the natural substances stuck inside your drinking vessels. 

I decided to put Bottle Bright to the test on two of my most used drinking vessels- one of my travel coffee mugs and my ice climbing thermos. My ice climbing thermos was in the worst shape, as I have been using it every day throughout the past five winters. As the thermos is not that easy to clean, the smell and stain of Good Earth Tea lingered no matter how many times I washed it. 

After filling my ice climbing thermos with warm water, I plopped in a Bottle Bright tablet, then loosely replaced the lid. After about 5 minutes, I tightened the lid, then shook like crazy to ensure the solution reached every nook and cranny. At that point, I decided to pour some of the Bottle Bright solution into the lid and submerge the plastic top for a good soaking.  

Bottle Bright cleaner



Bottle Bright cleaner


After ten minutes of soaking, I was delightfully surprised that the Good Earth Tea smell was completely gone. The inside of the thermos and the plastic top were also devoid of years of tea stain. You can tell the difference in the before and after pictures above. 

I also plan to clean my hydration reservoirs regularly with Bottle Bright, as they never completely dry out and can be a nice place for bacteria to grow. Some reservoirs are easier to clean than others, but it can't hurt to run some Bottle Bright through them every now and again. 

A 10 pack of Bottle Bright tablets retails for $11.95 and can be purchased from the Clean Ethics website. Sure, there might be some home remedies for getting your hydration reservoirs or bottles clean, but by supporting Clean Ethics, you are also helping to do some good. 

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