Drift HD Ghost Action Camera

Drift HD Ghost Action Camera

Action cameras keep on getting more feature rich and easier to use. The new HD Ghost from Drift combines a two-way remote control with a continuous loop mode to ensure you are never going to miss out on any of the crazy action.

The Drift HD Ghost comes with a wearable remote control that uses LED lights to show you the mode currently in use on the action camera, including Video, Photo, Timelapse or Photoburst. The remote enables you to take photos and change function modes from up to 30 ft away, as well as to start and stop recording.

Probably one of the coolest new features is the continuous loop recording. In Video Tag/Loop mode, the action camera continuously records video, enabling you to save the last 5 minutes of footage when you tag it. Never again will you kick yourself for missing any of the important action.

A scratch-proof Gorilla Glass screen on the side of the Drift HD Ghost lets you see the camera angle in real time while you are recording. You can also watch playbacks of your recorded video to decide if you want to keep it or delete to save precious memory space for future action.

Embedded Wi-Fi capability enables the action camera to communicate with your phone for downloading and sharing videos or photos. A soon to be released Drift Mobile App will work as a remote viewfinder, playback device, or settings control for your action camera.

For all the water sports enthusiasts, the Drift HD Ghost comes water ready out of the box, with nine feet of waterproof protection. Drift also offers a waterproof housing accessory for those that like to adventure underwater into the 180 foot depths.

The new Drift HD Ghost retails for $399 and is available for pre-order now, with shipping to start in a couple of weeks.

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