Avex Pecos Bike Bottle Review

Avex Bike Bottle

Winter in San Francisco brings with it prime mountain biking season. The coming of the rain means wonderfully tacky trails, but it also means mud. As there is nothing worse than having to drink out of a muddy water bottle, Avex has designed a quick and easy flip top shield that protects the water bottle spout as you ride. 

The Avex Pecos bottle is your basic purpose-built, double wall insulated bike bottle. The biggest difference between this bike bottle and all the other insulated bottles you can find on the market is the Autospout leakproof/spillproof lid and spout shield. The spout shield pops open at the push of a button and easily snaps back down using only one hand.

Avex Pecos Bike Bottle 
Avex Pecos Bike Bottle

After a couple of hours of really muddy riding, there is nothing worse than having to squirt water in your mouth from a spout full of mud chunks -especially around here as it is more than likely there is horse poo mixed in with that mud. By the end of your ride, a tiny bit of muddy water might make it into the spout chamber but in general it stays pretty clean. 

If I think this bottle is great for mountain biking, I can imagine all you cyclo-crossers will think it is a godsend. Although, perhaps eating a little mud is your thing. The Autospout lid means you can throw the bottle in the back of your car, even with the spout open, and any remaining water won't leak all over your seat. 

Bottom Line: It may not stop you from getting skid marks up your back, but the Avex Pecos Bike Bottle will protect you from drinking half the trail on your ride. 

The Avex Pecos Insulated Bike Bottle retails for $12.99 and will be available shortly. Avex also makes a non-insulated version of the Pecos which retails for $10.99. 

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