Podium Cycling Shoe Covers

Podium Shoe Covers

Want a way to add some fun urban cool to your cycling kit without killing your lycra cred? Enter Podium Shoe Covers. Representing everything from black Converse and high heel shoes to green monster feet, these unique shoe covers will not only keep your feet warm this winter, but are sure to be a conversation starter on your next group ride. 

Florida based Podium Cycling designs custom jerseys for teams in addition to selling a host of humor inspired cycling and tri apparel like the Superman Skinsuit and Don't Run Me Over jersey (I need one of those). The company uses all Italian fabrics (Coolmax), inks, and machines, while all the extras come standard, like aluminum zippers and silicone-infused waist grippers.

The shoe covers come in three different weights to match your riding season. The summer thickness provides a thin layer purely for style, light enough you won't notice them and your feet won't overheat. For spring and fall, Podium uses a thicker lycra, with winter covers even thicker and a fleece lining added.  

Podium Shoe Covers

The Podium Shoe Covers currently come in 12 different styles. Some of my favorites are the pink high heels that are said to make your calves look great (especially all you men with shaven legs), the retro 70's roller skates, and of course the Converse. 

The unisex Podium Shoe Covers retail for $29.99-$39.98 and are available from the company website. 

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