Innate Mentor Trail Sacs Review

Innate Mentor Trail Sac

New to the Innate Outdoor Organizer lineup are the Mentor Trail Sacs. Lightweight with stitch-less welded seams, these waterproof sacs made from repurposed scrap fabrics will keep your trail or travel essentials dry and organized. A roll-top closure with durable buckle gives you a completely weatherproof closure.

With a 2L capacity, the Mentor Trail Sacs could be used to organize almost anything in your pack. Three different colors and a white name box help you to quickly identify the gear you need. Weighing only 39 grams, the trail sacs won’t really keep you from going light and fast.

I have been using my Mentor Trail Sac as a snack bag for all my outdoor activities this winter. Along the lines of my earlier efficient break post, the snack bag helps me to immediately find my food and help keep my gear nicely organized in my pack. The waterproof sac protects my food from getting wet if it rains, snow gets in my pack, or worse yet, tea spills everywhere (that has happened).

Innate Mentor Trail Sac

My climbing friends made fun of me for writing “Amy’s Snacks” on the white space at the bottom of my Mentor Trail Sac. The name box is a handy way to distinguish what is inside the sac without having to open it up all the time. It did not take long for these same friends to be jealous of my easily identifiable snack bag as they continually mixed up their identical snack bags throughout the entire day.

In addition to a food bag, I use the Mentor Trail Sacs for organizing all my electronics when I travel. My iPhone, iPad, and Mac cords, along with my SD card reader, camera charger, adapter, and other odds and ends all get nicely stowed away in sacs. This way when I head out on a trip, I know I have everything I need.

The Innate Mentor Trail Sacs retail for CAD$12 and are available now.

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