Mountain Hardwear OutDry Waterproof Backpacks

Mountain Hardwear OutDry Waterproof Backpack

In a first for OutDry, the company's waterproof membrane will be applied to a line of backpacks from Mountain Hardwear for Spring 2014. All your gear is kept safe and dry, without the need for a rain cover or lining your pack with a garbage bag every time you head out on an expedition.

OutDry uses a patented lamination process to bond the waterproof membrane directly to the inside of the outer fabric. This process not only seals the backpack material, but the seams at the same time. The result is a fully waterproof pack without affecting the weight or functionality.

OutDry has gained popularity in the market for its 3D one-piece waterproof construction of footwear and gloves. By comparison, the traditional bootie and bladder construction methods for waterproofing allow water and dirt to get in between the waterproof liner and shell fabric, adding weight and eventually compromising performance. 

OutDry will be used in two Mountain Hardwear expedition pack models:

BMG 105 – Designed to meet the needs of professional guides, Mountain Hardwear’s
largest pack handles the loads carried on peaks like Denali and Aconcagua. This remarkably
lightweight pack handles huge, heavy loads comfortably and features OutDry for Spring 2014.

South Col 70 – This is Mountain Hardwear’s one-pack solution for mountaineering
expeditions on big peaks around the world. Light, flexible, and roomy, this pack is perfect for
expedition climbing. Originally designed and built for Everest, it features OutDry for Spring 2014. 

We got to play with some prototype packs last week but will have to wait over a year for the Mountain Hardwear OutDry backpacks to officially hit the market. Stay tuned. I am curious to see if other pack manufacturers follow. 

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