The Strap And Crap

Strap and Crap

Could the Strap and Crap turn out to be one of those absolutely brilliant pieces of outdoor gear that you never knew you needed? Outdoor enthusiast Laura Stude came up with the idea for this wonderfully named product after a hiking trip to Colorado. One squatting mishap later, she dreamed of something to make the entire process go much smoother.

Much like the company motto of “lessen the chance of messin’ your pants,” the Strap and Crap takes the strain off of your thighs, allowing you to relax into the required squat position and perhaps even help to improve your aim.

Made in Texas, the 9 ft (2.7 m) long Strap and Crap is mold and mildew resistant and will hold up to 250 lbs in weight. To use, simply wrap around a sturdy tree and behind your back, hook the ends together via the carabiner, and lean back into position. There is no need to even remove your backpack during the whole process.

Strap and Crap

The strap features handy gear loops where you can hang your toilet paper, hand sanitizer, headlamp, shovel, WAG bag, or anything else you might require. Even with a name like Strap and Crap, the strap can actually serve multiple purposes such as hanging your food to keep away from bears at night or even as a dog leash when you are not on the trail.

Laura is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to take pre-orders and raise money for initial production. With a pledge of $25, you can get your very own Strap and Crap just in time for all your planned summer outdoor adventures.

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