What Type Of Sleeping Bag Sleeper Are You?

Fjallraven Move In Bag Move With Bag

What type of sleeping bag sleeper are you? Do you pull the bag with you when you turn over during the night or do you flip around inside the bag, leaving it relatively undisturbed? Swedish company Fjällräven has created two new sleeping bags that are optimised to match your personal thrashing habits, promising a better night's sleep on all your upcoming camping or backpacking adventures. 

The Move In Bag is designed for those of you who move around inside of your sleeping bag as you sleep. The down filling has been distributed for optimal insulation, with over 60% of the down kept on the top side of the bag as the bottom will remain against the ground for most of the night. 

A few extra centimeters are built into the sides to give you more space to freely roll around inside the bag. The Move In Bag is comfortable down to 48°F (9°C) for women and 41°F (5°C) for men. The regular size bag weighs in at 670 grams, with 270 grams of down filling.

Fjallraven Move With Bag

The Move With Bag is for those of you that roll around like a burrito, taking the bag with you and keeping the hood always at the front of your body. This sleeping bag distributes the down evenly throughout, as you never know what side will be up at any given time during the night. The bag features a narrower fit to make it easier to roll with you. The Move With Bag is comfortable down to 50°F (10°C) for women and 43°F (6°C) for men. 

Both of the Fjällräven down sleeping bags use a hybrid construction with 700-fill goose down in box wall channels and 600-fill goose down in sewn through channels. An extra long zipper extends below your feet, letting you vent from the bottom or open the bag up completely to form a blanket, great for summer camping.

The Fjällräven Move In Bag and Move With Bag retail for $300 (regular) and $320 (long), available now. 

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