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Grassroots Powdersurfing

Welcome to the new sport of powdersurfing or powsurfing for short. With no bindings and boards designed much like surfboards, powdersurfing is simply a combination of rider, soft snow, a unique shape, and gravity all working together as you float downhill through the backcountry. 

Logan, UT based Grassroots Powdersurfing is the brain-child of Jeremy Jensen. After investing more than 13 years into developing a form of powder riding that is completely binding-free, borrowing technology and inspiration from snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing, Jeremy finally arrived at a unique solution, board shape, and vision for the sport in the winter of 2007. He has been fine tuning ever since.

The raison d’être of powdersurfers is to ride 100% binding-free at all times. The powsurfer board is shaped specifically for the purpose of riding without any bindings or ropes. Powsurfers are shorter and wider than traditional snowboards, much more agile, and ride with a surfy feeling.

Because of the shape and design of the powsurfer, you are able to turn and control the board in as little as a few inches of soft snow as well as in the deepest powder conditions. With no bindings, you have unlimited stance options and are free to move to any position on the board, backwards or forwards, spin and flip on command.

powsurfer boards

The powsurfer board doesn’t stick to your feet, instead gravity, balance, and skill is what keeps you on the board as you ride down the mountain. It is often necessary to adjust your foot positioning as you ride to help you plane out in various depths of snow and to accommodate for variations in terrain. A heightened state of awareness and a low center of gravity is crucial. You can use a quick release surf leash, coiled leash, retractable dog leash, or just a simple length of nylon parachute cord in order to connect yourself to the board so you don’t lose it on that epic wipeout. 

You won’t find many powsurfer friendly ski resorts but that may not be such as bad thing as hardpack snow and groomers make for horrendous powsurfing conditions. Instead, you want to head straight for the backcountry freshies. In very deep snow, your powsurfer will float better than most snowboards. Heli-powsurfing anyone?

The Grassroots Powdersurfing boards retail for $350-$380 and can be purchased from the online store. 

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