Cycleface Subscription Cycling Nutrition Service

Cycleface subscription service

Never again bonk during your weekend group ride because you didn't bring the proper amount of food and hydration with you. Salt Lake City startup Cycleface hopes to take the guesswork out of what and how much you should be eating on the bike by creating nutrition packages built specifically for you. By analyzing your riding habits and activity levels, the company can figure out the perfect product mix for the month, shipping it directly to your front door. 

Cycleface is a unique cycling-specific subscription delivery service for mountain, road, triathlon and cyclocross riders. In order to figure out what and how much you need to eat on the bike each month, Cycleface has you first complete a short questionnaire online, indicating your weekly ride frequency, intensity, weight, and typical weather where you ride.

Using an algorithm developed by studying the nutritional practices of both amateur and pro cyclists across the globe, Cycleface creates your unique rider profile based on your nutritional and caloric needs. You are then matched to a wide variety of products suited to your personal taste.

Cycleface can even go a step further and analyze your monthly ride performance statistics by uploading all of your Garmin bike computer files or connecting to your Strava account. The more the company can understand you and how you ride, the better they can tailor the nutritional boxes to meet your monthly needs. 

Similar to a fresh produce box, the individually hand-packed Cycleface boxes contain a four week supply of products from popular companies such as GU, Honey Stinger, Clif, 1st Endurance, Osmo and many others. All packages are optimized to fit your unique needs and delivered directly to your door, with prices starting around $25 per month.

The Cycleface website is filled with a bunch of information on how to properly fuel on the bike, most of which is geared towards the novice rider. So what do you think-would you subscribe to a cycling nutrition service to avoid having to think about what to eat and buy each month or is it just a service for those who hate to shop?

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