Pick Pocket Proof Pants Get Lighter

By Terry Doyle

Pick Pocket Proof Pants

I originally reviewed the Pick Pocket Proof Adventure Pants from Clothing Arts about a year and a half ago. Although I found the pants extremely durable and useful for both hiking and traveling, I also thought they were a bit heavy. For 2013, Clothing Arts revamped the Adventure Pants and made them available in a lighter weight fabric.

Made from 100% Nature-Like Nylon, the new Adventure Pants feel like you are wearing cotton but give you all the benefits of nylon, namely wrinkle resistance, lightweight, moisture wicking, and breathable. Hiking and traveling in the pants is a much cooler experience than with the original nylon/cotton canvas based fabric.  

The Nature-Like Nylon is very soft against your skin and also seems to stretch more, giving you greater mobility. Clothing Arts has changed out the plastic buttons and zippers for metal and lighter hardware, adding to the weight reduction. A slimmer cut means you don't look too bulky in a cargo pant style and also makes the Adventure Pants more suitable for a variety of activities such as hiking, biking, and climbing. 

I appreciate that Clothing Arts has removed the external button-on water bottle holder as it was cumbersome, and nothing screams "Hey look at me, I am a tourist and should be robbed!" more than a water bottle hanging off your hip as you walk around town. 

One of the downsides of the slimmer fit is that you can't stuff as much in the various secure store pockets. I would recommend you order a size up if you are looking to load down the pockets with lots of bulky items. 

Overall, I find the new Nature-Like Nylon fabric Adventure Pants lightweight and hard wearing for both travel and outdoor activities in a variety of environments, a huge improvement over my previous pair.

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