Protect Your Electronics With Bheestie Sport

Bheestie Beads

Complete submersion aside, think of how many times you expose your phone and other electronics to moisture everyday. Whether it be bike commuting in a drizzle, running through the morning dew, or simply the buildup of sweat and humidity in your back jersey pocket, your devices continually take on moisture. In order to keep your gear running smoothly, Bheestie has come out with a new Sport specific pouch for you to dry out your gadgets daily to keep them performing at their best. 

Just 1 – 2 drops of accumulated moisture can prevent electronics from working properly. With daily use, one packet of Bheestie Sport will maintain your personal electronics for up to a year, depending on the severity of moisture levels. Simply drop your gadgets in the sealed bag for 1-2 hours a day or even overnight to remove any possible buildup. 

And if you do happen to drop you phone in the drink, you can use the Bheestie Sport to completely dry it out. In less than a day and if you act quickly, Bheestie can save your saturated device faster and more efficiently than home remedies such as rice. I wish I would have had a Bheestie Sport in Hawaii!

The Sport version contains 28g of Bheestie Molecular Beads with microscopic pores that specifically target and trap water molecules, working to eliminate moisture from within the sealed bag. As the humidity of the selaed air decreases, the hidden moisture contained within your gadget transforms to a gas and mixes with the air in the bag. This process continues until the moisture from your device becomes permanently trapped within the Bheestie Beads

Bheestie Sport retails for $17.95 and is available from the company website. 

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