Whistle Dog Activity Monitor

Whistle Dog Activity Monitor

You monitor your every move in a bid for better fitness so why not do the same for your dog? San Francisco based startup Whistle has designed an activity monitor solution to measure and analyze your dog's daily activities, including walks, playtime, and even rest, delivering a quantified perspective on both the day to day and long term behavioural trends of your favorite furry friend. 

The Whistle Activity Monitor connects to your dog's collar and collects data 24/7 on your dog's various activities. Data is synced to the backend servers via WiFi for further analysis. Via an app on your smartphone, you can communicate with the activity monitor as well as access all your pets data on the go. Whistle uses information including weight, age, breed, and location to provide detailed and individualized insights about your dog. 

A daily timeline gives you a summary of your dog's activities and major events such as walks, play, time spent with you, rest, and other activities. You can set goals for your dog and Whistle will let you know when he hits key milestones or has a sudden change in behaviour along the way. Add photos and comments and even share reports with your vet or memorable moments with your friends across social networks. 

In order to accurately classify individual activities, Whistle had to go beyond the data processing methods used by most activity tracking devices and instead use machine learning methodologies. Using the 3-D acceleration measurements acquired 50 times per second by the device and matching it to data collected with the help of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, Whistle was able to come up with general activity classifications. 

In addition to selling devices, Whistle hopes to create an online community where you can find articles and videos to help keep you informed of the latest in animal health. For $99.95, you can pre-order your Whistle Activity Monitor over on the company website. An extra $19.95 will get you an engraving of your dog's name or contact info. 

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