A New Kind Of Protein Bar

Bison Epic Bar

Two relatively new companies are both taking a unique approach to protein bars. Instead of turning to the usual soy based ingredients to make up the bulk of the protein, organic grass fed meat and even insects are used instead. Both Epic and Chapul claim to have turned to what our ancestors ate as inspiration, creating a handful of interesting protein bar flavor combinations. 

Epic bars launched earlier this year with 3 different meat based combinations: Beef, Habanero, Cherry Bar; Bison, Bacon, Cranberry Bar; and a Turkey, Almond, Cranberry Bar. The latest flavor to hit the market is Lamb, Currant, Mint Barthat. All bars retail for $34 for a box of 12 or $8.50 for a 3 bar sample. 

The Epic bar steers clear of any processed and sugar-based ingredients in favor of 100% organic grass-fed animal protein blended together with savory nuts and fruit, providing a very paleo and gluten-free friendly snack to fuel your adventures. Epic bars are loaded with anti-inflammatory omega-3's, muscle-building conjugated linoleic acid, and antioxidant rich vitamins A and E. 

In place of animal protein, Chapul Bar founder Pat Crowley instead turned to crickets as a rich source of edible protein. Inspired by native techniques used in the American Southwest and Mexico, Pat found that crickets are one the planet's most energy-efficient creatures. No soy. No dairy. Just innovative flour made entirely from crickets.

Chapul Bars come in three flavors: peanut butter, chocolate, and Thai, selling for $2.99 to $3.59 each. The protein bars are made from natural ingredients such as dates, agave nectar, coconut, ginger, lime, and dark chocolate, with all containing cricket flour. Each flavor is inspired by a culture where insects have historically formed part of a healthy diet, and 10% of all Chapul profits are donated to water conservation projects in those regions.

A snack of bison and crickets anyone?

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