Vaude Lizard GUL Ultralight Tent

Vaude Lizard GUL Ultralight Tent

Vaude is getting set to launch their lightest tent yet at the start of the OutDoor Show in Germany tomorrow. Weighing just 690 grams or 1.5 lbs (including poles and guylines), the Lizard GUL (Giga Ultra Light) uses a combination of materials, construction, and technology to offer a complete package of wind stability, ultralight performance, and comfort for all you outdoor minimalists. 

The Lizard GUL is a minimalistic, but fully equipped one-person tent with a semi-tunnel construction. The ultralight tent structure is formed by a carbon half length pole, where one end is planted in the ground via the integrated pole spikes and kept under tension by the fabric, similar to a windsurf sail. By tensioning a 2/3 arch, a comfortable floor space of 1.3 m² plus vestibule is created. 

The low weight of the Lizard GUL is achieved through the use of ultra-thin yet ultra-robust materials. Many ultralight tents such as the Sierra Designs Mojo UFO, Terra Nova Laser and Voyager, and the new Easton Si2 (more on this later) use cuben fiber to achieve the weight reduction. While lightweight and durable, there can be issues with cuben fiber's UV resistance, breathability and condensation buildup, not to mention cost of the material.

The new Lizard GUL by comparison, uses a 10 denier siliconized ripstop nylon made from high strength polyamide 6.6. The use of this thin a fabric for a tent wall is made possibly by Vaude's patented cold taping technology.

The floor, like in all VAUDE ultralight tents, is made from 40 denier ripstop polyamide with a water column of 10.000 mm. The taped waterproof 2-way zip and air exchange through rainproof vents increase your level of comfort when bad weather hits. 

The Lizard GUL ultralight tent packs up into a 35 x10 cm roll, or the size of a 1.5 L bottle. The ultralight tent will retail for €600 or around $770. 

I plan to get a good look at the Lizard GUL tomorrow with Vaude at the OutDoor Show and will post pics on Twitter. 

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