SUGOI Energ-Ice Fabric Technology

Sugoi Energ-Ice

For their Spring 2014 line of RS Base Layers designed for training and racing in hot weather, Sugoi is introducing a new performance fabric called Energ-Ice. Using two complementary technologies, the fabric reacts to both your increased body heat in order to cool you down and your body’s natural emission of infrared ray energy to keep you going for longer.

Far Infrared Rays are the invisible light waves from the sun that warm your body directly without heating the air. The rays penetrate deeply and are of great benefit to your cells and tissues. Approximately 50% of the energy generated by your own body is in the form of Far Infrared Rays.

The thermal reactive print of Energ-Ice reflects these Far Infrared Rays emitted from your body right back at you, resulting in increased muscle stimulation, improved circulation, and blood flow. The increased blood flow helps your muscles and joints combat stiffness and lactic acid buildup, promoting faster muscle recovery.

The thermal properties in Energ-Ice are combined with IceFil technology, designed to absorb and disperse sweat. A Xylitol fabric treatment creates a cooling effect when it comes into contact with your sweat. One of the drawbacks of Xylitol based cooling is that this endothermic reaction happens once then quickly dissipates, only to repeat itself when the fabric dries and gets wet again.

The Energ-Ice fabric also offers UPF 50+ sun protection, helpful for those long summer days on the bike. The Sugoi RS Base Layers with Energ-Ice fabric come in both a short sleeve ($60) and tank version ($55), with sizes ranging from S-XXL. The low profile base layers are designed to fit easily under the RSE and RS pro-fit jerseys.

Although interesting fabric for use in a cycling base layer, I am personally more excited for the Sugoi RSE and RSX NeoShell cycling jackets to hit the market next spring.

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