Ortlieb High Visibility Bike Panniers

Ortlieb High Visibility Pannier

When bike touring or commuting to work, the more visibility on the road the better. To increase your chances of being seen at night or in adverse weather, Ortlieb turned their bike panniers into complete reflective elements through the use of innovative fabrics.

Coming in almost identical front (Front-Roller) and rear (Back-Roller) rack styles, the spacious High Visibility waterproof bike panniers will not only keep your gear dry through even the worst downpour, but also keep you safe in traffic. Once it turns dark, the panniers completely transform into glowing orbs as the light reflects off of the highly radiant reflective yarn interwoven into the PU laminated Cordura fabric.

A very symmetrical shape ensures no clearance issues, while the Front-Roller uses an additional abrasion protection on the rear side in order to prevent damage by the fast release lever of the front wheel. Each pannier can be mounted on either side of your bike, with an inner pocket for weatherproofing your electronics and zippered mesh pockets to organize smaller items. 

The High Visibility bike panniers use Ortlieb's QL2.1 system for easy one-handed mounting and removal. The QL2.1 hooks work with most 8mm-20mm tube diameters.  

Each pannier comes with a strap so you can carry it as a shoulder bag. An optional accessory converts the bike pannier into a daypack in case you want to take it on a hike or walk around the city during your bike tour. 

The Ortlieb High Visibility Front-Roller and Back-Roller bike panniers will probably retail for $180+ and available Spring 2014. 

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