Fat Lad At The Back Cycling Apparel

Fat Lad At The Back CyclewearFat Lad At The Back Cyclewear

For those of us who are continually passed on our local bike route by sponsored riders and have to squeeze into an XXL euro sized cycling jersey, we now have a new home. Fat Lad At The Back – cycling apparel made for us normal sized riders. You are no longer alone, so join the movement and be proud.

Dreamed up by a group of normal sized guys in the UK during a cycling trip to climb the classic passes in the French Alps, Fat Lad At The Back, or FLAB for short, celebrates those of us who are on a constant quest to get and stay fit, who have struggled up never ending hills, dropped off the back of the pack, been overtaken by those twice our age and half our weight, or ever felt dejected, deflated, and forlorn on the bike. 

A staple in the collection, the FLAB Short Sleeve Jersey is intended to flatter all shapes and sizes and is cut to a comfortable fit so you won’t look like a "shrink wrapped chicken". For those that really want the euro look, the company suggests you simply order a size smaller than normal. Made from technically advanced fabric, the jersey is fully breathable, sweat wicking, and quick drying. Three pockets and an additional zip pocket ensure plenty of storage space for your daily ride essentials. 

Other pieces in the collection include a long sleeve jersey, softshell winter jacket, bib shorts and tights, along with an assortment of accessories such as t-shirts, water bottle, and hats. Prices range from £4.50 to £99.99. You can order your favorite Fat Lad At The Back pieces directly from the online store, with shipping worldwide at a flat rate of £25 (£4 in the UK). 

Here's to hoping the company creates some Fat Lass At The Back cycling jerseys in the near future. 

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