Ghosts That Haunt Our National Parks


Ghosts and Halloween go hand in hand but ghosts and National Parks? Surprisingly, yes. Almost every hotel, lodge, inn, chalet, or even tent within one of our nation's outdoor treasures has plenty of ghost stories to tell. Something to keep in mind next time you plan your visit. 

Ahwanhee Hotel, Yosemite National Park

After the Ahwahnee's dance hall flopped, the 6th-floor space was converted into a suite for Mary and Donald Tresidder (head of the Yosemite Park & Curry Company). Mary died in the suite on Halloween night in 1970, and many people insist they've regularly seen her ghost since. 

When President Kennedy came to stay in 1962, he brought along a rocking chair. Since his death, several guests who have stayed in the same suite say they've heard or seen a chair rocking, although the furnishings have never included a rocker.

Wawona Hotel, Yosemite National Park

During the 1920s, a small plane crashed outside the Wawona Hotel and the badly injured pilot was taken to Moore Cottage, one of the hotel’s guest units. Before the doctor could arrive, the pilot died from his injuries. Since then, both employees and guests have seen a ghostly figure dressed as a pilot walking down Moore Cottage’s inside stairs. Other recent paranormal sightings include a levitating carpet and randomly pulled fire alarms. 

Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park

The Old Faithful Inn is full of haunting and unexplained mysteries, such as the bride who stalks the upper reaches of the hotel with her head firmly tucked under her arm, a victim of a honeymoon-night decapitation decades ago. Not too many years ago, a woman who stayed with her husband in Room 2 awoke to find a women dressed in 19th century clothing floating at the foot of their bed. A housekeeper also watched a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall of the inn execute a 90-degree turn and then drop back to its original position.

Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park

With its large size, long history, and remote location on Glacier’s east side, Many Glacier Hotel is the perfect place for the paranormal. A 9-year-old boy once saw an unexplained apparition of a woman in a red dress in his room. Loud party noises often emanate from Room 308, even when the room is unoccupied. Several guests have recounted the distinct feeling of someone sitting on their beds as they were abruptly awakened from their sleep.

The Stanley Hotel, Rocky Mountain National Park

Inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining, many believe the Stanley Hotel is haunted, particularly the ballroom. Kitchen staff have reported to regularly hear parties going on in the ballroom, only to find it empty. People in the lobby have allegedly heard someone, possibly the ghost of Freelan O. Stanley's wife, Flora, playing the ballroom's piano.

The Stanley Hotel now offers their own Ghost Adventure Package. This creepy experience includes a guaranteed 4th Floor room, a K2 Meter, a glow-in-the-dark Stanley Hotel squishy ghost, and a REDRUM mug. 

Happy Halloween! How many of you have had a paranormal encounter before? 


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