Vapur ShakeFilter For Better Tasting Tap Water

2013-vapur-shakefilterWe all like to carry reusable bottles these days and fill them up on the go. Saldy, not all tap water tastes exactly great. The latest introduction from Vapur offers a fun and effective way to refresh that water you just grabbed from the public bathroom sink. Meet the ShakeFilter – simply drop it in your water bottle and shake.

The ShakeFilter uses activated carbon technology to remove unwanted odor and taste from tap water. Safe, easy to use, portable, and biodegradable, the ShakeFilter offers an extremely convenient way to filter water on the go.

Simply fill a reusable bottle with tap water, drop in the ShakeFilter, and shake for 30 seconds to safely remove chlorine and other agents that may affect the odor and taste of your water. The filter works with essentially any bottle, so you don't have to worry about buying an expensive bottle with built-in filter for your travels. 

Carbon is a key component in water filters for helping with taste, but by itself does not actually purify water. Instead, you need some type of hollow fiber membrane with micron size pores to filter out the bad guys. For this reason, the ShakeFilter is not for use outdoors where potential bacteria or protozoa might be present in the water. 

Each ShakeFilter packet lasts up to 50 uses, based on a 500ml bottle for up to a 30-day period. The Vapur ShakeFilter comes in a box of 3 packets and retails for $4.99. Cheaper than that bottle water at the airport or even better, a National Park! 

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