4iiii Cliiiimb Real Time Audio and Visual Strava Feedback

4iiii Cliiiimb Pro

I will be the first to admit that I am a big fan of Strava for biking (and running when I happen to do so). Not because I want to pick up as many QOMs as humanly possible or beat out the local semi-pro athletes that seem to ride the same routes, but more because the data is a great indicator on how you are progressing as a rider or runner.

Strava also gives you a goal to work towards each ride, trying to see if you can set a PR on that 4 mile climb that never seems to get easier. The only problem, you have no idea if you are on track for a PR time until after you get home and upload your ride or run. This is where the new Cliiiimb app from 4iiii comes in. 

Last week, 4iiii teamed up with local bike shop Studio Velo to officially release the new Cliiiimb system. Sadly, they were not quite ready for me when I went to the store test it out, but I have so far heard good feedback from other riders.

The gist behind Cliiiimb and Cliiiimb Pro is to give you real-time audio and visual feedback while you’re out on a Strava segment. You’ll know instantly if you need to push harder to set a PR or to beat another person on the leaderboard. 

Cliiiimb includes the Voiiiice hardware to give you audio feedback, while Cliiiimb Pro uses the Sportiiii heads up display to deliver both audio and visual clues. Both hardware devices clip easily on the side of your sunglasses and talk to the app through a heart rate strap that you will also have to wear.

Before heading out on your ride, simply download the Cliiiimb app, go to Strava and choose your segments, as well as a virtual training partner off the leaderboard or a personal best to ride or run against. The video below shows you what to expect in terms of audio and visual feedback during your ride or run. 

Cliiiimb and Cliiiimb Pro are both ANT+ compatible. This means that even when you’re not in a particular highlighted segment, Voiiiice and Sportiiii will still deliver heart rate, speed/cadence, power, and pace data to you. 

The Cliiiimb Pro package retails for $199.99 and is available now. The Cliiiimb audio version will start shipping in early 2014. 


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