The Coolest Cooler On The Planet


UPDATE: Although the Coolest Cooler did not meet its first modest Kickstarter goal, founder Ryan Grepper recently launched a better timed campaign and has already raised an astonishing $6.5 million (yes, million) with over a month still to go. For $185 you can pre-order your Coolest Cooler to be shipped in February 2015. 

A cooler that can make blender drinks, play music, transport all your picnic gear, and grill your food? Yes, please! The Coolest cooler claims to be all that and more, promising to turn your next outdoor adventure into a fantastic party.

Want a cold, refreshing, and freshly made smoothie after your mountain bike ride, monster surf session, or endurance trail run? The Coolest Cooler features an 18-volt powerhouse blender that can churn together ice, fruit, yogurt, or even margaritas all day on a single charge. A built in bottle opener means you never have to use the trunk of your car to enjoy a cold one at the end of your climb.

Removable Bluetooth speakers let you play music from your iPhone or other compatible device. In order to see inside the cooler even after the sun goes down, the Coolest uses LED lights embedded in the lid that turn on or off with the push of a button.

Coolest cooler

Locking tie downs sit on top of this color customizable cooler to secure down any other gear you might bring with you. A portable grill option locks onto the top of the lid of the Coolest and pops off to be placed anywhere to cook. The stainless steel, dual-burner grill pumps out 20,000 BTU, enabling you to whip up any gourmet meal outdoors.

For $185, you can pre-order your own Coolest Cooler to be delivered in time for your end of summer outdoor adventures. For $395, you can get the cooler and the portable grill option.

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