Mountainsmith Modular Hauler Review

Mountainsmith Modular Hauler

For the past couple of months, I was on an extended roadtrip all across the West. Leaving home in mid-Dec, I packed my Subaru full of all the gear I could possibly need and even picked up more along the way. Needless to say, it is not easy to stay organized when living out of your car, but the Mountainsmith Modular Hauler helped me keep me sane. 

The Modular Hauler is a large travel storage system that includes a 90L main packing compartment and 3 26L packing cubes. The foam padded cubes come in three different colors, making it easy to quickly identify and organize your gear. 

For my roadtrip, I threw all the climbing ropes I would need in the main ballistic nylon hauler. In one cube, I packed my ski boots, while in another I threw in my ski helmet, gloves, goggles, hat, avalanche tools, and all my various ski accessories. In the final cube, I packed all of my ice climbing gear, including quickdraws, helmet, harness, belay device, biners, and other various pieces of hardware. This way, once I arrived at a specific destination, I knew exactly which cubes to grab for the daily outdoor sport of choice. 

The Modular Hauler comes in a 3 cube ($89.95) and 4 cube size ($99.95), and is also designed to fit all the various Mountainsmith cubes, such as the Boot Cube and Bike Cube. Once you have each cube filled with gear, a handy compression strap keeps them all in place inside the hauler, while two large handles make for easy lifting in and out of the car. If you own a truck or are worried about heavy gear shifting in the trunk, the main hauler features tie down loops to secure the storage system in place. 

After a couple of months on the road with numerous outdoor events and trade shows, I wish I could say unpacking went just as smoothly.  

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