RESQSKI RF Ski Locator For Those Deep Powder Days


Anyone who has ever skied the deeps knows that although it can be extremely exhilarating, it is not without its perils. Not only do you expend mass amounts of energy digging yourself out after a yard sale, but without a powder cord or leash on your skis, you have a real chance of losing them in the cavernous blanket of snow. Enter RESQSKI- an RF tag for your fatties to help locate them within seconds. 

RESQSKI uses standard RF (radio frequency) technology. Specially designed homing tags communicate with a credit card sized handheld transceiver to lead you to your lost skis. Flashing lights move from red to green and audio beeps get louder and more frequent as you move closer towards your buried ski.

Each homing tag is registered to a specific numbered button (up to 4) on the handheld transceiver so that you can search for your skis individually. The RESQSKI system can find skis buried up to 30m (100ft) away and 1m (3ft) deep in the snow. The homing tags are waterproof and shockproof, with an on/off switch to help extend the battery life.  

The RESQSKI system includes the handheld transceiver and two homing tags for your skis. Each ski tag is made up of a base with adhesive backing to attach between the bindings or at the front of your skis. The homing tag piece is removable from the base for safe storage, with a dummy tag for a replacement to keep a streamlined appearance when you are not using the RESQSKI system. 

UK based RESQSKI is pushing for North American distribution but at the moment, you can buy the RF ski locator system from the company website. The complete RESQSKI pack will cost you around $120.

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