CamelBak Relay Water Filtration Pitcher

CamelBak Relay Water Filter Pitcher

Perhaps with the decline in their military business, CamelBak needed a new outlet for their expertise in hydration and water filtration or maybe it is simply their dedication to eliminating the use of bottled water. Either way, the company announced last week the release of a home water filtration pitcher- the CamelBak Relay. In a crowded space dominated by Brita, CamelBak claims to have conquered all the consumer hangups with existing models. 

The CamelBak Relay filters water at the speed of your faucet, supposedly 10X faster than other water filtration pitchers on the market. This means relatively no wait between filling and drinking. A unique, pleated Double Filter Technology system filters your tap water twice – once as the pitcher is filled and again as water is poured. 

CamelBak Relay Filter

The Relay Fresh Filter lasts up to four months with regular usage before needing to be replaced. When tested to NSF/ANSI Standard 42, independent test results have shown Relay removes 97% of chlorine, taste, and odor.

The streamlined, space-saving pitcher design holds 10 cups of water and easily fits in most refrigerator doors. A pair of side-locking latches keep the lid in place to ensure spill-proof pouring. The Relay pitcher is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

The CamelBak Relay is available now and retails for $36.99. The water filtration pitcher is available in three different colors: Aqua, Clear/Charcoal, and Purple. The 3-Pack Relay Accessory Filter retails for $28.50. 

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