KEEN Full Fender Brown Ale


Hopping on the trend started by the recent Patagonia and New Belgium partnership, KEEN Footwear teamed up with Portland-based Widmer Brothers Brewing to launch a limited-edition, small-batch beer to raise awareness and membership for the Portland Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Many say this was a long time coming for Widmer, the largest brewery in bike friendly Portland and until now, lacking in a beer themed brew. 

Since 1990, the non-profit Portland BTA has worked to promote bicycling and improve conditions with a vision for the Portland-Metro region where people of any age and any comfort level can use a bicycle to meet their daily transportation needs. Whether it’s riding to work, to the corner store, or simply going out for a recreational ride on the weekend, the BTA identified sixteen projects in four key areas for action, representing the start of a comprehensive bike transport network in Portland. 

“At Widmer Brothers, we’ve built a workplace that supports and celebrates employees who ride to work,” said Rob Widmer, co-founder. “As an avid cyclist, we’re proud to support the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s efforts to raise awareness and encourage businesses to further embrace Portland’s bike culture with this special beer.” 

Each bottle of KEEN Full Fender Brown Ale includes a special label designed by artist Bill Cass. So far over on Untappd, the beer gets a rating of 3.62 out of 5 stars from those that have been lucky enough to taste the new brew. 

If you want a taste of your own, you are going to have to grab your bike, throw on your KEENs, and make a pilgrimage to Portland. Widmer sources say Full Fender Brown Ale is a very small batch and that it will only be available on draught at the moment.

What other outdoor company – brewery partnerships would you love to see?

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