Ticla Looks To Simplify Car Camping

Ticla Teahouse Tent

Much like SF based Alite Designs, new brand Ticla is looking to put the fun in being outdoors. With a belief that car camping is the gateway to enjoying other outdoor activities, Ticla created a line of uncomplicated yet highly functional gear that is a breeze to use.

Not everyone needs high performance gear that will withstand the rigors of climbing Everest. With a tagline of “Camp Better”, the Ticla product line includes tents, sleeping bags, tsubo mats, furniture, accessories, and limited edition apparel.

The Ticla design ethos focuses on gear storage, easy transport and assembly, as well as generous tent sizing (Tsubo Sizing). The Get Out Of Dodge (G.O.O.D.) System enables you to loosely stuff a sleeping pad and sleeping bag together into a storage bag with enough room for a pillow and book on the top. Simply throw the nicely organized kit in the back of your car and go. Same goes for tent storage- throw all the pieces loosely in a large tote without running the risk of stuffsack rage.

Ticla tent tote  Ticla G.O.O.D storage

The Ticla tents ($275-$425) offer up plenty of ventilation and unrestricted views of the beautiful surroundings. The awning-style rainfly provides excellent coverage without compromising on either views or ventilation. The strong and smooth shock-corded aluminum poles can take a beating.

The roomy sleeping bags ($100-$130) are designed with variable insulation so that you can flip them over depending on the temperature. If it’s balmy out, sleep with the warmer side down. When you start to get cold, simply flip it over for a little extra insulation. A 2-way zipper lets your feet be free and get some air, while you can unzip the bag all the way for use as a comforter.

Ticla camping gear is now available from either the company website or at REI.

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