Sweet Spot Skirts

Sweet Spot Skirt

Athletic skirts are nothing new, but Sweet Spot Skirts has the trend absolutely dialed. Designed so that one size can grow with you even after you have eaten too much carrot cake that week, the skirts are not only stylish but super functional as well.

Whether you are running, cycling, paddle boarding, or on your way home from yoga, the Sweet Spot Skirts have you covered. Made to fit on your hips rather than your waist, two rows of 16 snaps across the top hem mean one size can accommodate both your good and your bad days, or account for the number of layers beneath. For example, the Sport skirt size fits women sizes 2-14 and the Sweet Z skirt size fits women sizes 0-6.

Unlike purpose made running or cycling skirts, one Sweet Spot Skirt can be used for any sport or activity. The skirts are long enough to cover the bits you don’t want on display to the world, yet short enough that they don’t get in the way, even on the bike.

Started by Stephanie Lynn a few years ago in the Pacific Northwest, she originally hired stay-at-home moms off of Craigslist to sew the first products in an attempt to help reduce the female unemployment numbers. Since then, these “moms” quickly became integral employees of the company and even though Sweet Spot Skirts has seen exponential growth, they have made the commitment to continue making all skirts in the USA.

Sweet Spot Skirts come in a ton of cute styles and fabrics and all are reversible, meaning you actually get two skirts in one. You can order your Sweet Spot Skirt from the company website or they have also recently been picked up by REI. Expect to see more of these women in the future.

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