Gear Aid Giving Away Tenacious Tape Repair Patches

Tenacious Tape

As you get ready for all your camping and backpacking adventures this summer, you are probably going over your gear and noticing a few items might need a little TLC. To help you make any necessary repairs, Gear Aid is offering up complimentary repair patches to the first 5,000 people who sign up  – a great way to try Tenacious Tape if you never have before.

Tenacious Tape repair patches offer instant repair solutions for tents, technical fabrics, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, down jackets that got too close to the campfire, and just about any other piece of outdoor gear. I keep rolls of Tenacious Tape on hand in my gear room and also include patches in my on-trail repair kits.

The patches stick on instantly and gain strength after 24 hours – just as strong if not stronger than duct tape. And best of all, Tenacious Tape uses clean tape technology so if you need to remove the patch at some point, it won’t leave a sticky residue behind.

Tenacious Tape

Each sample will include an opportunity to share what you repaired for a chance to win additional prizes. Who has used Tenacious Tape before and what have you fixed with it?

Tenacious Tape comes in rolls of clear as well as colored nylon varieties, retailing for $4.95. A set of four pre-cut patches costs $2.95.

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