The Ultimate Adventure Survival Watch

Recon 6 survival watch

Possibly looking to become the new Bear Grylls, survival expert Tim Ralston launches the Recon 6 watch. Dubbed the Ultimate Adventure Survival Watch, Ralston got the product inspiration from watching the TV show Naked and Afraid, where contestants are dropped off in the wild completely naked and told to survive on their own. When faced with the question “What one item would you take if you knew you were going to be stranded on a remote island for an unknown period of time?” Ralston believes his new watch is the answer.

Identifying the key items required to be fully self-reliant and prepared for any circumstance out in the wilderness, whether camping or extreme adventuring, Ralston designed a compact solution that could incorporate all these essentials. Beneficial for all outdoorsmen, military personnel, and adventurers, the Recon 6 is not only useful but can also take a beating.

The rugged watch features a scratch and chip resistant mineral glass face that is treated with an anti-reflective coating to cut down on any glare. Phosphorescent watch hands mean you can continue to read the time in the dark. Embedded in the watch band is a bottle opener, can opener, and tiny knife with sheep hook design for dressing out small game.

Hidden beneath the watch face is a fire starter, signaling mirror, aluminum rescue whistle, fishing line and hooks, magnifying glass for use to start fires, and a military grade liquid compass. The side of the watch houses an LED flashlight that can project up to 20 ft ahead of you.

Although Ralston already owns a company that sells other survival gear, he turned to Kickstarter to fund the production costs of the watch and help get the word out. For $275, you will receive one of the first production units of the Recon 6 survival watch with a delivery date of September 2014. Ralston plans to eventually sell the watch for $495.

The MacGyver in me has to admit this is pretty cool…

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