Replenish Your Electrolytes With Salazon Chocolate

Salazon Chocolate

We all know we need to replenish the salts lost from our body as we sweat throughout the day outside. Many people do this by eating salty snacks or sipping on electrolyte drinks. We also know that dark chocolate is not only a good energy source when out on the trail, but also delivers an antioxidant punch. So why not combine the both for the perfect trail food?

Founded a few years ago by Pete Truby after an epiphany while out hiking in Utah,  Salazon is the first brand to be completely built around salted chocolate. Sure, companies such as Lindt have introduced sea salt flavors but not entire lines.

A delicious treat on its own or to be taken with your on your next outdoor adventure, Salazon Chocolate is made in Maryland. The cocoa beans are 100% organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified Hispaniola cacao beans sourced exclusively from the Dominican Republic. These premium beans have been fermented and sun-dried. Once a bar is made, the company then hand-sprinkles sea salt (solar-evaporated) on every bar to naturally enhance the chocolate’s flavor.

Salazon offers a selection of 57% and 72% dark chocolate bars. The chocolate is smooth, not too sweet or bitter, and pairs well with the other added ingredients. The company sent me one of every flavor to test out—my favorites are the coffee (of course), coconut, and almond.

A 3 oz. bar retails for $4.00 and will give you around 400 calories of energy and 300 mg of sodium. You can buy one of each flavor for $28.80. Salazon Chocolate can now be found in some Whole Foods as well.

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