Mio Fuse

Mio Fuse

The latest product announcement from Mio Global is the Fuse, with the bike specific Velo to follow shortly thereafter. Meant to be worn all day, not only does the Fuse read your heart rate without the need for a chest strap, but also doubles as an activity or fitness tracker.

Similar to the Link, an optical sensor located underneath the Fuse band monitors the volume of blood beneath your skin to continuously measure your heart rate. Adding an accelerometer, the Fuse can now compete with the latest and greatest fitness trackers, but without the need for a chest strap to capture heart rate data.

The Fuse functions in two modes—activity tracking and workout mode. Worn throughout the day in activity tracking mode, the band counts your steps, calories burned, and distance covered (heart rate is not measured in activity  tracking mode). All this information is displayed on the new digital screen when touched. Tapping the small buttons on each side of the screen cycles you through the recorded data.

At the end of each day, you can upload the data to the Mio smartphone app, where you can also set activity based goals. The Fuse will store up to 2 weeks of activity data in case you forget to sync each day.

When switching to workout mode, the optical sensor is enabled to measure your heart rate, in addition to capturing pace, distance, and speed data. Similar to the Link, this information is sent to your phone or other device/watch via either ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart.

The Fuse retails for $179 and will be available sometime in November.

Mio Velo

As a heads up for all you bikers out there—Mio is launching the new Velo at Interbike in a few weeks. Similar to the Link, the Velo measures your heart rate but also acts as a bridge between your ANT+ bike sensors (sadly not power meter to start) and your phone. The band receives data from your sensors, converts it to Bluetooth, and transmits that data to your phone or other Bluetooth Smart devices.

The Velo will retail for $129 and also be available sometime in November.

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