The Undress You Can Change Under Outdoors

The Undress

If you are female and an outdoor enthusiast, chances are extremely high you have stripped down in public before. Whether at the end of a wet and muddy mountain bike ride or after a swim at the beach, there often isn’t a graceful way or more private place available to change into some warm, clean, and dry clothes.

I have tried many options, as I am sure have you—crouching down in the car, using the car door as a shield, hiding behind a tree, changing in a porta potty (YUCK!), or giving up and baring it all. I tried the Chawel—a fleece sack-like solution that works, but is not quite as elegant as the new Undress from endurance sports enthusiasts and company founders, Dennis Caco and April Estrada.

Made by hand in Los Angeles, the Undress not only serves as a cute maxi dress to throw on after a workout, but features key design elements that let you completely change clothes, down to your sports bra, out in the open without ever showing more than you bargained for.

You really need to watch the video to see how it works, but basically the Undress offers an over/under solution to wardrobe changes. The bottom half of the dress fits over your clothes and uses two side access pockets to enable you to effortlessly change garments underneath, all without having to hike up the skirt.

Up above, a unique hook system slides under all of your top layers, including your sports bra, and secures around your neck like a halter top. You can remove all of your top layers, leaving the dress top underneath. To get dressed again, simply place all your items over the dress top and then slide the hook and halter top out from underneath.

Voilà— you are fully changed.

The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders for the Undress. The changing dress comes in a variety of fun colors, and can be yours for an early bird pledge of $65 (not many left). As the dresses are all made by hand, estimated delivery is January 2015.

The Undress would make a great holiday present for that more modest female outdoor athlete on your list. However, some women I know just aren’t bothered about changing in public. I think they need to create an “Unkilt” for men next.

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