Turbine Nasal Dilation Device

Turbine nasal dilation

Due to complications at birth, I have never been able to breathe much out of my nose. I never really thought of this as a performance hinderance (except for maybe at yoga nose breathing exercises), but according to Australian company Rhinomed—the more air you can draw in through your nose, the higher your power output.

When it comes to athletic performance, most of us think about being faster and stronger, or going further. But what about reducing that feeling of being short of breath, making your normal exercise easier and ultimately enabling you to work harder?

Turbine is a nasal dilation device that improves airflow through your nose. One of the most important structures within your nose is the turbinates that sit in the upper part. They align airflow direction, improve humidification, heating, and filtering of inhaled air—a bit like a turbo charger and climate control system rolled into one.

Looking a bit like an animal nose ring, two paddles on each end can be adjusted to fit the width of your nostril. Gently insert the Turbine into your nose with the flat side facing towards you and then you should immediately be able to breathe deeper. Each Turbine is recommended for use up to three times.

According to Rhinomed, a clinical trial showed that Turbine increases air intake by up to 38%, while a recent independent high performance cycling user trial at Ridewiser Studios in Melbourne showed an increased average power output of up to 6.5%. That’s a pretty considerable improvement.

Turbine comes in a pack of three and retails for $29.90 AUD ($28 USD).

Has anyone tried nasal dilation products during exercise? Do they appear to improve your performance?

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