Sony Single Lens Display Module


Last week, Sony announced their so called Google Glass killer that can turn any eyewear into a smart device. To be officially unveiled at CES next month, Sony’s Single Lens Display module may still be in concept mode, but with it, Sony signals a strong focus on the sports wearables market.

The compact and lightweight Single Lens Display module simply clips on to the frame of your glasses or sunglasses. The module features a High-Resolution Color OLED Microdisplay and a miniaturized control board with processing capabilities on par with your smartphone.

Much like Google Glass or other heads-up displays, the optical unit projects a small sub-window that does not obstruct your field of vision. In addition to its OLED Microdisplay and Micro-Optical Unit, the module is also equipped with a control board loaded with advanced capabilities such as Wi-Fi functionality and a variety of sensors. The display unit weighs in at around 40 g (22 g for the display arm and 18 g for the secondary arm), so does not cause discomfort when attached to your sunglasses.

Sony Single Lens Display

With the accompanying Software Developer Kit, S0ny envisions that developers will create dedicated apps that can be loaded on the module itself, thereby enabling the device to be used independently of any other hardware, or instead loaded onto your smartphone.

Application examples include cycling or some other outdoor sport where the module would give you access to valuable workout information such as course maps or distance readings, even when your hands are tied. The module could also be paired directly with your action camera in order to let you check the angle of view and the captured image through your glasses.

No word from Sony yet on price. The nice thing about Sony’s gadget versus Google Glass is that you can actually detach it from your sunglasses or glasses when you are done. No walking around the coffee shop or bar looking like a “Glasshole”.

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