BackBottle – The Jersey Friendly Water Bottle


Fix It Sticks creator, Brian Davis, appears to have designed another bike related hit with the new BackBottle. Built to tuck easily inside your jersey pocket, the water bottle gives you an added hydration source for those extra long days on the bike. No more planning your ride around convenience store stops, just get on the bike and go.

Normal bike bottles are just too big or won’t sit properly in your jersey pocket. Even if you manage to cram them in, the bottles are awkward to get back out and will most likely self-eject at some point during the ride.

By contrast, the BackBottle fits comfortably in your back jersey pocket, allows for quick entry/exit and easy access while riding. The water bottle remains snug in the pocket and will not fall out as you bomb downhill or hit a bump.

The BPA-free, dishwasher safe water bottle affords you an extra 8 ounces of capacity–a great place to store your hydration mix on long rides. The bottle measures 8.5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and for the weight weenies out there, weighs just 3 ounces when empty. Built with a flat side to minimize roll against your back, small ribs continue to let in airflow to eliminate the sweat factor.

Extra hydration on long rides is one thing but I actually see the BackBottle as being more useful on mountain bike rides, not to mention my jersey pockets are usually stuffed to the brim on long road rides. I don’t always like wearing a full hydration pack for my local everyday trail rides and keeping a bottle in the cage just means a nozzle covered in dirt, mud, and worse yet, horse poo. Not exactly appetizing to drink out of.

Seemingly au courant at the moment, Davis is using Kickstarter to take pre-orders for the BackBottle. One bottle will cost you $10, with two for $18. Estimated delivery is May 2015.

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