Burnt Lips No More With Snow Peak HotLips

Snow Peak HotLips

As we backpackers ever endeavor to lighten our loads, many of us have simplified our kitchen kits down to one or two lightweight vessels used for all our cooking and drinking needs. Titanium cups and pots with mug-style handles are not only incredibly lightweight, but are useful for preparing hot meals and beverages directly over a fire or stove and then consuming them from the same cup.

While this reduced-weight approach can save numerous ounces if not pounds on our back, there are some problems. For example, anyone who has tried to drink a hot beverage directly from a titanium cup or pot knows that you will immediately burn your face off.

Many DIY ultralighters have created their own solution to the burnt lips problem–for example, a drink ring that serves as a thermal buffer between your lips and the hot metal, constructed out of the top few inches from an existing plastic cup, bowl, or food container of a similar size.

The kings of titanium fueled backpacking adventures, Snow Peak, now save you the trouble of getting your home economics on with the purpose built HotLips. Set on the rim of your mug or pot, the silicone material stays cool to the touch so you won’t burn your lips and the silicone won’t melt under normal use as it is heat resistant to 446°F.

HotLips enable you to heat a drink in your single-wall Snow Peak mug directly over a stove and then immediately start sipping. Just be sure not to leave the HotLips on the mug while heating over an open flame. HotLips, designed specifically for the Snow Peak 600 mug and the Trek 900 and 1400 pots, will also fit on the rim of many Snow Peak single-wall mugs

The Snow Peak HotLips retail for $6.95 and come as a set of two. The silicone lip protectors also come as a package with with the Titanium 600 mug for $36.95.

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