Gobag Vacuum Compressible Duffel


Traveling with only a carry-on is the way to go but not always easy when you need to bring a ton of gear. Enter the Gobag– a carry-on sized duffel bag that lets you vacuum compress all your soft items so everything fits into a compact 35 liters.

The outer duffel portion of the Gobag is constructed from only two pieces of TPU coated ballistic nylon, a material commonly used to make inflatable boats. A durable zipper runs along the entire outer edge of the front and side panels so you can easily access your gear without having to dig.

With a size of 19.7 x 13.8 x 7.9 inches, the Gobag duffel fits in most overheads, even those of short haul commuter flights or budget airlines.

The Max Pack Bag is the secret sauce to Gobag’s run away success. It’s a welded bag made from TPU coated nylon with an integrated vacuum check valve to compress all your soft goods. Just throw your gear into the bag, seal it, and compress it. You can compress the bag by either using a vacuum cleaner or compressing it by hand.

Max Pack Bag

The Max Pack Bag is fully removable. Just unscrew the check valve, release the attachments inside the GOB∆G, and pop the cap on, then you’re ready to go. This means you you could ideally use the vacuum compressible bag as part of any duffel or suitcase setup or even on your next backpacking adventure.

Bonus: An integrated toiletries bag Velcroed to the inside of the lid makes heading through airport security a breeze. No more Ziplock baggies. Gobag also features an adaptable laptop harness that holds your computer securely away from the edges of the bag–fits any computer between 11-15 inches. A secure pocket hidden inside the bag proves useful for storing your wallet, passport, and keys.

Only a few more hours remain to pre-order your Gobag for roughly $164. Delivery is expected sometime in October.

For those that don’t want to purchase an entirely new carry-on but still like the vacuum compressible bag concept, check out the Sea to Summit eVac, Outdoor Research AirPurge or even Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Set.

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