Lumos Helmet Integrates Brake And Turn Lights

Lumos Helmet

While helmets with integrated lights, such as the Torch helmet, already exist, the Lumos Helmet takes it one step further. Adding integrated brake and turn signal lights, Lumos wants to make your commutes safer by alerting drivers to your movements and intentions.

The premise behind the Lumos Helmet is that hand signals are often difficult to make when riding. You can’t see them at night and it’s not always feasible or safe to take both hands off the brakes or handlebars.

The Lumos Helmet integrates bright LEDs at both the front and back of the helmet, giving you 360 degree visibility. When you brake, red brake lights at the rear of the helmet automatically illuminate. Via a wireless remote that mounts on your handlebar, you can initiate turn signals and the corresponding arrow shaped LEDs will start blinking on your helmet.

The Lumos runs off a rechargeable battery which should last for 4-5 hours of use. The helmet is water-resistant and meets the same rigorous safety standards of any standard bike helmet.

The Lumos team is based in Boston. A little Google searching and it looks like the Lumos Helmet was originally an MIT project for engineers Alice and Margaret who are now hoping to form a company around the concept.

No indication on pricing yet but the Lumos Helmet Kickstarter campaign launches tomorrow. We can expect many more details then.

Would you wear the Lumos Helmet?

UPDATE: The company blew past their $125,000 funding goal after just one day on Kickstarter. Amazing. For $99, you can pre-order your own Lumos Helmet.

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