Leki Folding Chairs

Leki folding chair

Historically known as “the pole experts,” Leki is stepping into an entirely new category and introducing two folding chairs: the robust Chiller and its little brother the Breeze. Much like their poles, Leki’s folding chairs are built to last.

Made entirely in the Czech Republic with the same high tensile strength aluminum tubing used in Leki’s trekking and alpine race poles, the new folding chairs are super strong and stable. With two support bars that run front to back (as opposed to a single bar that runs side to side), Leki’s chairs are all deeper than they are wide giving them a broader footprint. Each chair leg hits the ground much farther from the center point of the chair, offering more stability overall.

Comfort is not sacrificed in the new Leki chairs thanks to the extra reinforced canvas sling style seat. The four corners of the chair seat fabric have sleeves that are lined and reinforced with seat belt webbing that fit over the back rest and seat support shafts.

In addition, each chair includes a bottle holder that affixes to the side of the chair and a storage bag that connects to the bottom front of the chair with Velcro tabs. Jackets, books, phones, etc. can be stowed here, or fill it with ice and drinks for an instant cooler.

Both the Chiller ($129.95) and the Breeze ($99.95) are available in Olive, Sand, Anthracite, and Red. The Chiller weighs 2.95 pounds and is slightly bigger than the 2.4 pound Breeze.

By popular demand, the new Leki folding chairs will start shipping later this month.

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