Bopworx Protects Your Bike During Transport


Whenever you transport your bike, whether it be by car or air travel, you always run the risk of something getting scratched or damaged. Bikes can knock into each other while hitched to the back of your car and parts can come loose no matter how carefully you packed that bike box. Tired of continually scratching their frames and busting off rear derailleurs, husband and wife team Paul and Ciara McGriskin came up with a solution.

Bopworx is a line of protection bumpers that guard various parts of your bike during transport, whether by car, plane, or simply for storage. The whole system comprises 6 different pieces, from flexible frame guards to hard plastic derailleur protection.

Made from a soft yet durable rubber, the basic Bike Bumper creates a space between your bike frame and another object (such as your car) to keep them from impacting each other during transportation or storage. You can place it almost anywhere on your bike via a simple hook and latch system, even on one of the wheels. If you have two bikes hitched to the back of your car, then the Double Bumper with its two faces will come in handy to keep the bikes from smashing into each other as you drive.

The Fork Guard is designed to protect your fork dropouts, blades, and car interior all at the same time. Wheels on either side make it easy to load the bike in the back of your car and help it stay stable on the ground.  A detachable caliper spacer keeps your disc brake pistons from closing if you have disc brakes, yet snaps cleanly out of the way if you have conventional brakes.

Bopworx System

As your rear derailleur and derailleur hanger are prone to getting bashed during transport, Bopworx created the Rear Derailleur Guard. To install, simply loosen the quick release, insert the guard, and close the quick release. Made of a very tough plastic, it will protect your bike from strong side impacts. Likewise, it is great at keeping grease from the chain off any surface.

And next time you get your bike ready to fly, you can forget the bubble wrap. The cool BopWrap system allows you to wrap up multiple sections of your bike using easy to secure, reusable high-grade rubber attachments. A nylon tie wrap allows you to quickly secure them just about anywhere on the frame. They can also be joined together to make larger wraps. From frame tubing, to pedals, to handlebars and more, this incredibly flexible protection is the most versatile in the system.

To fund full production, Bopworx is taking pre-orders through a Kickstarter campaign. You can order a variety of packages made up of different parts of the whole system, ranging in price from $55-$390. Expected delivery is December or January, so possibly a good holiday present for the cyclist on your list.

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