The No-Slip Bikini from Patagonia

Patagonia NanoGrip Bikini

I am guessing it has happened to almost every female at some point in their lives–you dive into the ocean or pool only to resurface with part of your bikini askew and showing a little more skin than perhaps you originally intended. In order to save all of us from future embarrassment and our paparazzi photos from making the front page of Us Weekly, Patagonia created a technical bikini that does not slip.

When you think of technical swimwear, racing suits are usually the first thing to come to mind. Full body suits made from hydrophobic stretch-woven fabrics that limit water absorption and reduce drag through the water–great for triathlons and the 400 meter butterfly. But they aren’t exactly what you would wear for a surf session on Malibu Beach.

Enter the Patagonia NanoGrip Bikini. Lined with a polyurethane nano fibers that create more surface area when wet, the inside of the suit suctions to your skin and remains in place under pressure. Wear it surfing, cliff jumping, and snorkeling without fear.

The halter-style top ($59) ties in the back and the narrow cut bottoms ($55) use adjustment ties on both sides. Both are lined with the grippy material to ensure they stay in place all day. You just have to wait until next spring to get your hands on the NanoGrip Bikini.

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