Wedding Rings For The Outdoor Set

Qalo wedding band

Forget diamonds, nothing says “Will you marry me?” quite like silicone. Recognizing that most of us remove our wedding rings and bands when we recreate outdoors, Qalo created the next best thing–a silicone band that won’t cause injury or get harmed, but still let you show your marriage commitment to the world.

Qalo was founded by Ted Baker and KC Holiday after getting fed up with ruining or having to remove their wedding bands every time they hit the gym, worked on the car, surfed, rock-climbed, or participated in pretty much any sport. Hearing stories from other men and even women who lost their rings, had them stolen, or scratched them to pieces while recreating, the duo finally went in search of a better solution.

The duo started playing around with rubber rings, but then discovered 100% medical grade silicone rings–Qalo was born. Popular with military, EMTs, and firefighters, the Qalo (Quality-Athletics-Love-Outdoors) rings provide a safe, functional alternative to the traditional metal wedding band–and never have to worry about getting your finger amputated as you might with titanium rings.

The men’s rings are 0.85 cm wide, the women’s rings 0.50 cm wide, and both come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can stick with one color or get a variety to match your mood or style. The silicone rings start at $16.

I got sick of taking my rings on and off so personally wear them around my neck–but if you would rather still wear some sort of ring so strangers know for sure you are married, check out Qalo. If you don’t know your ring size, the company offers a handy guide on their website. No word yet if you need to renew your vows when sporting the ring the first time….

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