Mota Wireless GoPro Charger

Mota Wireless GoPro Charger

While GoPro cameras are great, one slightly annoying feature is having to remove the camera from its housing in order to change or recharge batteries. The new Mota device solves this problem by using wireless charging technology to recharge the action camera’s battery with it still secure in the housing–not to mention charge a spare battery at the same time.

The Mota Wireless GoPro Charger is made up of a wireless charger base and a wireless receiver. The wireless receiver fits into the mini USB port on your GoPro and replaces the side door (the piece I continue to misplace when charging). The receiver extends below the base of your action camera but still easily fits in the waterproof housing.

When you are ready to charge your GoPro, simply slide the housing mount into the wireless charger base and press power on. Indicator lights on the base let you know the status of your charging. A secondary slot lets you charge a spare battery and an additional USB port on the side means you can charge your phone or even another GoPro at the same time (note: you can’t wirelessly charge a GoPro in the dock, spare battery, and a USB connected device all at once. You will need to choose between the spare battery or the USB connected device).

Mota claims the built-in 7500mAh lithium-ion battery will charge your GoPro in around 2.5 hours and up to two or three times before it needs to be recharged itself.

The Mota Wireless GoPro Charger works with Hero3, 3+, and 4 models, and retails for $140. After running both a successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign at the end of last year, the Mota Wireless GoPro Charger is finally in full production and ready to ship. Buyer beware, however–some Kickstarter backers have complained of never receiving product.

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