Now You Can Hammock Without The Trees


Arguably, everyone loves a hammock but what can you do when you don’t have the proper tree setup? Eagles Nest Outfitters answers the call to open up new opportunities for hanging out in your hammock with a new line of hammock stands–a 3-hammock, 1-hammock, and car stand.

The largest of the stand family, the ENOpod, holds three hammocks and up to 1200 pounds, or 400 pounds per hammock. Crafted from powder coated steel and featuring tool-less construction, this 12 piece set is super easy to construct and break down. Even though it weighs 101 pounds all in, the stand packs down small enough that it will fit in most car trunks.

Complementing the ENOpod, the SoloPod holds just one hammock or 400 pounds. Also built with durable powder coated steel and featuring a quick-release, tool-less construction, the SoloPod breaks down conveniently into eight pieces weighing around 58 pounds, making it portable enough for any outdoor festival and other parties, or even just your backyard.

Finally, the Roadie is the first portable car hammock stand that does not require a hitch. Ensuring you always have a bed for the night, the Roadie’s simple setup stays secure under the wheels of your car, creating the perfect hang for any hammock. Crafted from powder-coated steel, the Roadie breaks down into 6 manageable pieces weighing 56 pounds, taking up next to no space in the trunk, and enabling you to hammock wherever you park your car.

The ENO Hammock Stand line will start shipping in January.

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