Pakpod–The Tripod Built For Outdoor Adventures


While you may think that Pakpod is just another tripod, it is way more versatile than any on the market today. Weighing less than a pound and constructed from the same durable stuff as bike and ski helmets, the Pakpod folds down small to easily stash in your backpack.

Using a unique locking system, the Pakpod can secure all three of its legs in wildly asymmetrical positions with the quick twist of a single knob–the legs extend and retract quickly by pushing a single button. Three rotating flip-out stakes at the base of the legs not only let you stick the tripod in grass, dirt, sand, and snow, but also enable you to attach it to the side of rock walls, sailboat masts, bike handlebars, drones, car hoods, underneath kayaks–you name it.

The foots stakes can be changed out to accommodate a number of accessories to fit your needs–the slotted Standard Stake makes a great jam cleat for bungee cords and ¼-20 bolts fit through it nicely. The Quarter-20 Stake has two ¼-20 threaded holes for attaching all kinds of accessories with ease, while the Safe Stake is perfect for use when connecting the tripod to your body or delicate objects.

Pakpod was designed by Steve Underwood, a Maine-based free diver who was looking for a tripod he could quickly set up while holding his breath underwater. An avid outdoorsman, filmmaker, and mechanical engineer, Underwood, who has created media for PBS, decided to build the tripod himself after he couldn’t find what he needed.

Pakpod is rugged and waterproof, stable enough for SLRs, yet quick to deploy for action camera use. The versatile tripod retails for $99 but if you pre-order over on the already successful Kickstarter campaign, you can get yours for $79.

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