Upgrade Your Shoe Game With Vibram Sole Factor

Vibram Sole Factor

Vibram partnered with NuShoe–the world’s largest shoe repair and renewal shop–to help give your shoes a major upgrade through the Vibram Sole Factor program. Whether you want to replace a worn down outsole or simply add a bit of personal style to your favorite pair of shoes, a Vibram sole will turn them into all-terrain performance machines. Or just look darn cool.

To start the process, simply pick a pair of shoes–NuShoe will resole just about anything. Browse through the Sole Factor catalog to find a sole you want, then complete your order form. Mail in your shoes to NuShoe. You should get them back within 2-4 weeks.

You will get a confirmation email once NuShoe received your shoes and the order, then again when your shoes have shipped. One pair of custom resoled shoes costs $75 to resole. Shipping is free both ways.

I sent in a pair of my favorite Chuck Taylors for a funky Vibram sole upgrade as not only would it look cool, but the Chuck’s rubber sole is notoriously slippery on wet surfaces. After going through the process, my one piece of advice to you is to choose your sole carefully.

Chucks resole

I liked the look of the Bologna Camo Blue to match my navy Chucks but I didn’t realize that this particular sole included a rather chunky heel–I was expecting a flat sole. So you can understand my surprise when I opened the box. Not too sure I can rock the look but we shall see. NuShoe was nice enough to also include a brand new pair of shoelaces to replace my threadbare ones.

While the Chucks were fun, I can see sending in my mountaineering boots for a outsole replacement when the time comes. A resole payment of $75 is better than buying a whole new pair of boots.

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