An HD Action Camera Less Than $50

Intova Duo

Founded in Hawaii in 1995, Intova creates a variety of waterproof cameras and accessories. Normally catering to the diving industry, Intova was snapped up by Industrial Revolution back in October in order to bring the low cost yet highly-featured cameras to a wider outdoor audience. In the spring, Intova will release their most affordable waterproof action camera yet–the Duo.

Retailing for only $50, the Duo is simple, takes perfectly acceptable video (720p HD), photos, and comes in a variety of fun colorways. This is one action camera you won’t be too upset if you or your kids lose in the ocean. At least it wasn’t your phone.

Much like the GoPro Hero, the Duo itself is not waterproof but the removable, compact, and rugged housing makes the action camera waterproof up to 100 feet and best of all floats. The 1.77-inch LCD screen helps you control the camera settings and the lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable.

Expect to see more detailed specs drop closer to the launch date. This is the first camera Intova outsourced so I imagine there are still many moving parts.

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