OM Bra – the Biometric Tracking Sports Bra

Omsignal Ombra

Wearing a heart rate strap with a sports bra is not very comfortable and awkward at best. So it comes as no surprise that smart apparel maker OMsignal would tackle the OM Bra next. By seamlessly integrating a host of sensors into a customizable sports bra, the OM Bra not only lets you ditch the heart rate strap, but captures additional data to help you reach your fitness goals.

With thin, flexible sensors integrated directly into the OM Bra, this smart bra captures biometrics such as your heart rate, breathing rate, and steps taken while you are wearing it. Data is stored in a waterproof Smart Box that attaches to the bra via 5 precision connectors and wirelessly uploads the information to your phone–either in real-time or post workout (up to 30 hours later). The box will power through 10 workouts or a full day of continuous use before it needs to be recharged.

While collecting this biometric data from your bra versus an external sensor is convenient, the real value seems to be in how this data is translated in the accompanying apps such as OMrun. For example, the app looks at your heart rate, heart rate variability over time, and breathing rate to calculate your Fatigue Gauge to see if it’s maybe time to take a recovery day or if you could push yourself harder next time.

The OM Bra itself is made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and elastane fabric that conforms to your shape as you move. Adjustable straps can be altered depending on the activity or the top being worn over your bra. Removable padding helps accommodate different cup sizes (I will be curious to see how this works in practice in terms of sizing and support).

The OM Bra is expected to sell for around $150 and will hit shelves in the spring. Thoughts on this one ladies?

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