Polartec Delta Cooling Fabric

Polartec Delta

We normally associate Polartec fabrics with apparel that keeps you warm and dry. In order to now become a four-season brand, however, the company created its first cooling fabric–Polartec Delta.

There are no chemical reactions involved in the cooling process like you might currently find in some apparel that uses a xylitol finish. Instead, Delta is a permanent mechanical wicking fabric that was inspired by the design of car radiators–it transfers heat and sweat away from your body and out to the air being blown across the outside of the fabric. This maximizes the effectiveness of your natural sweat response combined with the evaporative cooling process.

Polartec’s Delta sits in the sweet spot between cotton and polyester–a unique honeycomb structure carries the sweat away from your skin but holds it close enough that you get the benefits of the cooling as it evaporates. The result is a shirt that does not stick to you as you sweat, dries quickly, cuts down on chaffing, and feels comfortable and soothing to wear.

While Polartec had the new Delta fabric on display at both ISPO an Outdoor Retailer, you won’t see actual product hit the market until Summer 2017. This could explain why the company is sponsoring a new cycling team with Alberto Contador…

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